Zhang Weili defends her title again! The fighting life of this post-90s girl exploded.
Zhang Weili defends her title again! The fighting life of this post-90s girl exploded.

August 20, Beijing time,

Zhang Weili of China ushered in her first defending battle after regaining the grass weight title at the UFC292 in Boston, against Brazil's Amanda Lemos.

finally, Zhang Weili

the winner was judged by the points of 50-43, 50-44 and 49-45.

Zhang Weili managed to keep her women's grass-weight championship gold belt!

after the match, Zhang Weili said excitedly to the audience in English: "my name is Zhang Weili, I am from China, remember me!"

in 2019, Zhang Weili, a post-90s girl, broke the history of fighting with her own strength and became the most capable woman in China.

in UFC, she won the Brazilian female boxing champion in only 42 seconds, becoming the first Asian world champion of the UFC.

UFC originated from Bruce Lee, who is known as the father of integrated combat. However, since the establishment of MMA integrated combat by UFC in 1993, it was not until 2011 that Chinese people entered the UFC arena.

however, not a single Chinese player entered the UFC rankings for exactly eight years before 2019.

the appearance of Zhang Weili ended all this. She left her gold belt in China, showing the real Chinese power to the world.

Zhang Weili successfully defended her title in 2020 in the face of a challenge from Poland's Joana.

but in 2021, Zhang Weili lost to her rival Ross twice, losing her gold belt and falling into a trough at the same time.

in November 2022, 18 months later, Zhang Weili once again won back her own gold belt!

Zhang Weili's success is not only a personal glory, but also a milestone in China's integrated combat movement.

with her fists and sweat, she has proved the strength and charm of Chinese players on the stage of comprehensive combat at the highest level in the world.

with her own story and spirit, she has inspired and infected countless people who love fighting sports.

she is the queen of grass weight in China and the guardian of UFC's gold belt.

if you know how she came from all the way, you will certainly draw boundless energy from it.


A gold belt, which she used for six years

as the saying goes, one minute on the stage makes ten years of work off the stage.

Zhang Weili's road to winning the championship did not go smoothly.

after she retired from injury and illness, she came to Beijing alone in order to survive.

in order to get closer to the sports circle, she worked as a receptionist in the gym and came into contact with integrated combat.

she decided to join MMA, play UFC and take a gold belt.

Comprehensive combat requires contestants to master the skills of various schools and to carry out systematic study and training out of their own pocket. Zhang Weili can't afford it. She chooses to train while working.

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the next year, she quit her job and devoted herself to training.

with an extreme hunger for dreams, Zhang Weili is reluctant to waste every minute and every second.

her every day is a line of eating, training and sleeping, there is no colorful life, only a lot of sweat.

in her eyes, 365 days a year, there is no spring, summer, autumn and winter, but only training, training.

New Year's Eve in the evening, others get together to have New year's dinner and watch the Spring Festival Gala, but she is still stuck in the boxing gym.

she said that the training was so tired that she often wanted to cry.

"I often cry, and I cry when I practice. I am so tired that I sometimes wonder what I am doing. My coaches are all men, not to mention that they don't treat me like a girl. I forgot that I was a woman. "

it is impossible for this desperate girl to quit even if she is so tired that she weeps.

every sweat that goes up to meet difficulties with bare hands, and every tears that are tired and collapse, will grow firmly on her body and become her shining glory in the future.

there is no hardship in life for nothing.

at first, Zhang Weili asked for help and looked for competition opportunities, and then in 2018, the top UFC took the initiative to sign a contract with Zhang Weili.

she entered the world's highest fighting stage with a 16-game winning streak and three gold belts.

on August 31st, 2019, UFC Shenzhen Universiade Stadium, she only took 42 seconds to get the gold belt.

it took her six years for the 42-second highlight.

there is such a slogan: every footprint you have tried is connected, and it brings you to where you are today step by step and makes you who you are today. There is no road in vain in life, every step counts.

to do what you want to do, don't be afraid to walk slowly, don't be afraid to bear hardships, everything you do today will make you who you will be in the future.

because every step you take counts.


if you give up, you can get better

people often ask Zhang Weili, "Why does a girl shake her fist?"

the answer starts at an early age.

Zhang Weili was born in Handan, Hebei Province in 1990.One of the most common words I heard from an ordinary family when she was a child was: you see, she looks like a boy.

because of her active nature, she became a small martial arts fan at the age of 8. She wanted to learn martial arts and fly to the wall.

at the age of 12, she was sent to martial arts school.

because of her young age and weak foundation, she was bullied by older children. She never stopped nosebleed in the first few months.

however, she refused to admit defeat and trained very hard. In a few months, she became a master at the martial arts school.

at the age of 14, she won the Sanda championship in Hebei Province and then joined the Jiangsu provincial team.

she wants to practice the movements that others have practiced dozens of times for hundreds of times. With such overloaded training, she strained her waist and had to retire.

that year, at the age of 17, she turned to join Beijing drifters's army. Waiters, cashiers, kindergarten teachers. She has done all kinds of jobs.

until she saw a beautiful competition in a gym, she immediately ran to the receptionist and didn't even ask about her salary.

Zhang Weili, who had just come into contact with MMA, soon switched from the front desk to sales. As soon as she did it, she became the sales champion, and her income also went up. But for the sake of integrated combat, she gave up selling.

go out for training at 7 o'clock every morning, then teach private lessons in the gym at noon to earn living expenses, and then go back to the gym in the evening to continue training.

sometimes I practice late and run back if I can't catch the subway, as if I have one more fitness class.

if she works full-time as a private coach, Zhang Weili can earn nearly 20,000 a month. If you feel at ease to do this job well, you can also have a good income.

there are many people around her who advised her: "you don't even know when you can play the game, so stop practicing!"

Hideko Yamashita, author of "break away," once said,

if you can make do with one thing, others will treat you casually.

the same is true of work. If you do a similar job, your life is just not good or bad.

will not give up, there will never be a way to focus, without ALL IN, Zhang Weili will walk very slowly.

the current high income can not achieve the dream of being a champion.

so she resigned decisively and gave up her source of livelihood.

Life is to learn to break up, there is a home to get better.

Life is a process of constantly making choices, and the wisest choice is what not to do, not what to do.


Women should not be defined

after winning the championship, a lot of praise and applause, there are also strange voices come out.

someone commented: "I don't look like a girl at all."

there are also people who say, "if you can fight so well, can you still find someone?"

Zhang Weili once asked for marriage online,

what depresses her is that

almost everyone will add:

"can you beat your husband?"

"I'm not afraid of being beaten, find me!"

Today's society still has some inherent stereotypes about women.

there are always people who are confused,

Why does a girl want to do such a violent and bloody job?

Zhang Weili always responds patiently:

what a woman should not be defined,

who says that women should be weak, that they should be married and have children at a certain age?

she can be gentle, brave, tough, of all types.

Girls should not be defined by occupation either


who says fighting girls are violent?

Zhang Weili, who is tough, punching and bleeding in the star anise cage, is no different from other girls in her daily life.

in her spare time, she goes shopping with her friends, takes selfies, eats delicious food and paints her nails.

also loves beauty. I have bought a lot of skirts, but I can't wear them at all because of training.

she likes to watch Disney animations, and during the competition, she watched 50 episodes of TV dramas alone in a foreign hotel.

she has two dogs, adopted more than 10 stray dogs, and found "good families" for all of them. "

many fighters like Bruce Lee's words: Be water, my friend.

the full text of this sentence is:

if you draw water into a cup, it will be cup-shaped; if you pour water into a bottle, it will be bottle-shaped; if you fall into a teapot, it will look like a kettle. Like gurgling water, like rapids, like water, my friend.

Zhang Weili is no exception.

she says this is not only about the softness and firmness of fighting, but also about women.

"Women are like water, they can do soft things or strong things."

Zhang Weili always speaks boldly for women in public.

she bravely tore off the female label and worked hard to realize her dream, which was recognized by everyone in the ring full of men.

she told us personally that there is no career that women can't do.