At the age of 18, he fell in love with a male teacher, but he would rather marry a disabled woman than me.
At the age of 18, he fell in love with a male teacher, but he would rather marry a disabled woman than me.


on the day of winter, there was a heavy snow.

it has long been common in this small northern city, but Shen Zhaozhao, who comes from the south, has seen real snow for the first time.

she was shivering with cold, and she had to stand in the courtyard looking at the swirling snowflakes. She could not help but reach for it. The loquat tree in front of the door was covered with thin snow on the bare branches, and it fell as soon as the wind blew.

at this moment, suddenly there was a knock at the door. Shen Zhaozhao hesitated for a moment before opening the door.

"you are Mr. Zhong's granddaughter."

Shen Zhaozhao nodded and turned sideways to let him in.

he was tall, dressed in a thin old gray cotton-padded coat, and had to bow his head slightly to get in, and she had to reach the lintel.

it was 1983, and 18-year-old Shen Zhaozhao traveled across half of China alone, from Fujian to Jinan, to go to his mother's family.

in this year, she saw snow for the first time and Lu Yuesheng for the first time.


Lu Yuesheng, a student of her grandfather, worked as a Chinese teacher in a local primary school after graduation.

because his grandfather lived alone, he lived close to him, and in his early years he got some favors from his grandfather, so he often came to visit. Although Grandpa is old, he is physically strong. In recent years, he has been addicted to practicing tai chi and has a bit of a fairy style.

on that day, the snow had melted, the streets were wet, the snow water from the eaves was dripping, and Shen Zhaozhao was in the yard to put a nose on the snowman made a few days ago.

when someone knocked at the door, Shen Zhaozhao immediately ran to open the door and put on a girl's smiling face. She knew that there would be no one but Lu Yuesheng who would knock at the door.

now that she is familiar with him, he has a few casual pleasantries with her, and she follows him into the room.

Lu Yuesheng usually chatted with her grandfather. She was playing in the hall and didn't want to listen to them, but the yard was so quiet that she inadvertently put their conversation into her ears.

Grandpa talked to him about some articles and poems. Shen Zhaozhao heard about Gu Cheng for the first time and listened to that sentence.

"the grass is bearing its seeds, the wind is shaking its leaves, we stand silent, it is very beautiful."

this sentence, Shen Zhaozhao repeated in his heart, suddenly felt that there was an indescribable beauty. When she was in a daze at the sun outside, her grandfather asked her to go in and add hot tea.

she hurriedly carried the kettle on the charcoal stove at the door. With a knock at her feet, the hot kettle spilled and fell on her arm.

Shen Zhaozhao was still foolish when Lu Yuesheng rushed over. He grabbed her hand and ran out of the house. Without saying a word, he wrapped himself in the snow in the courtyard.

"Don't move. It'll be over in a minute."

the burning sensation disappeared a little bit. Shen Zhaozhao looked up at him. For the first time, she was so close to him that his face was less than 5 centimeters from hers. She could clearly see the eyelashes in his frame, the pores on the bridge of his nose, and a small mole under the corner of his eye.

after a long time, she remembers that moment, as if carved in her memory with a knife.

because of this little thing, she suddenly became acquainted with him, as if she had changed from an elder to a friend, without a sense of distance.

maybe it's the age gap, so there won't be the embarrassment of men and women in the same room.

she smiled, and he sat upright, while the spring breeze outside the window swept across the eaves of the last thin snow. She suddenly lowered her eyebrows when they didn't know how to talk about their parents.

Last summer, her parents were buried in a fire and looked up. Only her grandfather in the north had a relative. She had no choice but to come all the way to join her.

suddenly, she looked up, showing a pair of bright deer-like eyes and asked him, "May I call you Mr. Lu?"

he probably saw what she had said to break the silence, and nodded and smiled.

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Shen Zhaozhao giggled, but the fundus of his eyes was clearly still sad. He changed the subject and talked about other things.

that great sadness was gradually pressed back to the bottom of my heart by his topic. Shen Zhaozhao looked at him talking and laughing, and the girl's mind appeared little by little.

his face is serious, but his heart seems to be on a swing.

if you want to ask Shen Zhaozhao when he fell in love with Lu Yuesheng, it was probably at that moment.


Spring comes late in the north.

it's April, and it's still a little cool, but Shen Zhaozhao is already wearing a skirt, especially when Lu Yue rises.

she always stood in the yard, tiptoing at the narrow path outside the yard. After seeing the curl of smoke on the roof of another house, the passing yellow dog barked happily, and the children passed by together after school. Finally, a familiar figure appeared.

A whole day's hope has not been in vain, as if holding a spring breeze in my heart.

it rained that day, the sky was bright at dusk, water droplets were still hanging from the pomegranate trees outside the yard, and Shen Zhaozhao was scrubbing Grandpa's rain boots in the yard.

Lu Yue came over for a long time, chatting with her grandfather in the hall, and her voice came out vaguely.

"you are not young now. It's time to start a family." It's Grandpa's voice.

the brush in Shen Zhaozhao's hand slowed down and heard Lu Yuesheng say, "there are so many things at home that I don't want to hurt others."

she put her heart down again, unconsciously showing a shallow smile.

while eating in the evening, Shen Zhaozhao put on an ignorant expression and asked his grandfather why Mr. Lu was almost 30 years old and still not married.

Grandpa took a sip of wine, frowned and talked about the mess in Lu Yuesheng's house.

Grandpa said that Lu Yuesheng's family is poor and his parents are old, but he still has four brothers and sisters to take care of. No matter how good he is, few girls are willing to marry him. I guess we'll have to wait until his brother and sister are older.

Grandpa said a lot, but Shen Zhaozhao only remembered these words.

that is, in another three or five years, when she also grows up, she should also grow taller. At that time, she will be able to stand by him fair and square, and he will no longer treat her as a child.

because of this fantasy expectation, Shen Zhaozhao was happy for several days.

the weather is getting hotter, and this time Lu Yuesheng was accompanied by a girl with the same bright eyes and bright teeth as he did.

she was wearing a light green cloth coat with shorter trousers, revealing a slender white calf, close to Lu Yuesheng.

Shen Zhaozhao stared at her, clutching his trousers. She didn't know that her eyes were going to make a fuss.

soon they came into the yard together.

Lu Yuesheng smiled as soon as she saw her and whispered, "Zhao Zhao, I have a companion for you."

then turned around and said, "Spring and summer, this is what I told you, Zhao Zhao, from the south."

the girl held out her hand, smiled with teeth, and said in a loud voice, "Hello, I'm Lu Chunxia."

hearing this, Shen Zhaozhao breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and softly replied, "Hello, I'm Shen Zhaozhao."

Lu Chunxia and Shen Zhaozhao were born in the same year, but the birthday of spring and summer is April, and she is October, which is half a year old.

soon, the two girls were playing together as if they had known each other for years.

, Lu Chunxia often came to see Shen Zhaozhao.

Shen Zhaozhao is thin, a skirt seems to hang on her body, silent as a mountain, while spring and summer have the posture of a young girl, slightly fat, smiling fleshy face like flowers.

two very different people are connected because of Lu Yuesheng.

Summer came late, and the evening glow spread half the sky. Spring and summer suddenly came to Shen Zhaozhao and asked her to go to her house to eat watermelon, saying that it was shared by Lu Yuesheng at school.

Shen Zhaozhao was naturally happy, but with only a shallow smile, he quietly went back to his room and changed into his favorite dress.

went through half the town and finally arrived at the Lu family.

Lu Yuesheng stood in the doorway and beckoned her to pass as soon as she saw it. Shen Zhaozhao bowed her head and gathered her hair from ear to ear. As soon as she stepped into the yard, she froze.

A circle of people in the yard, with several big watermelons in the middle, all looked at her, and she clasped her hands nervously.

looking forward to spring and summer like a cry for help, she had already run into the crowd, and she went to see Lu Yuesheng again. He smiled awkwardly when he caught her eye.

"there are many families."

she grinned. She understood his embarrassment. When everyone ate watermelons, she looked around the whole courtyard and the open hall. It could be said that there was no decent furniture.

she was suddenly a little sad. Lu Yuesheng, such a beautiful woman, lived in such a courtyard. When she first arrived in the north, she thought her grandfather's home was dilapidated, but she didn't expect anything more.