She is the ceiling of the only child in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, but her marriage and fate are unexpected.
She is the ceiling of the only child in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, but her marriage and fate are unexpected.

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the most enviable women on the Internet have undergone several changes in the past year or two.

from a single aunt to a county lady, she has recently suddenly become an only child in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.

quoting @ Sanlian Life Lab's description of the only child group in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai--

"when I was a child, I lived a good life, I was spoiled, my family did some business, and my relatives gave me more lucky money than the year-end bonus when I first entered the workplace."

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"her parents arranged for her to avoid all the tiring and dangerous life, so that she could go from a happy foreign student wearing a Burberry shirt with bare legs to a Jiangnan lady wearing a new Chinese style and jade."

"whenever her mother talks about her at the mahjong table, she always ends with a spoiled sentence: Oh, it doesn't point to her to support the family!"

"it doesn't matter if you don't play well in the college entrance examination. An ideal father in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai will send you to an international undergraduate course." Two years at home, two years in Singapore, two years out directly from Birmingham. After all, in the area of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, where there is a lot of international vision, gold plating abroad is the basic operation to lighten the academic burden on daughters. "

"for only daughters in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, there are three kinds of unfilial piety: first, they find a boyfriend out of town, second, they don't call anyone when they go out, and third, they don't come home at 10:00."

"Sun bag, car and baby can still try to get close, but Fa himself is an only child in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and he is completely risking his life."

Today, let's talk about her.

she is the top of the only child in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and now all kinds of wealth posted on the Internet are not worth mentioning in front of her.


Lu Xiaoman is from Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Her father Lu Ding, a celebrity at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, served as the tax director of the Beiyang government for many years and founded the China savings Bank. His mother, Wu Manhua, was the governor of Jiangxi Province and was proficient in poetry, calligraphy and painting.

parents are rich, expensive and educated, giving Lu Xiaoman the best living and educational conditions among his peers.

Lu Ding and his wife originally gave birth to nine children, but the other children died unfortunately. Lu Xiaoman, who ranked fifth, has become an only child. You can imagine how much her parents doted on her. Lu Xiaoman was listed in the genealogy, detailing his birthday, which was rare among girls at that time.

▲ LU Xiaoman wrote when she was a girl

with a rich family, beautiful appearance and good grades, there are a group of suitors running back and forth every time they travel. She was generous and generous, and the rickshaw driver knew that Miss Lu's hand was a dollar.

Lu Xiaoman was called the "queen" at school. Gu Weijun, then director-general of foreign affairs, wanted to find a young and beautiful girl who was proficient in English and French at Sacred Heart School to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take part in receiving foreign envoys. Lu Xiaoman became the first choice.

at the age of 18, Lu Xiaoman became famous in Beijing social circle.

Lei an records in his book, "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing often holds social balls. Xiaoman is an expert dancer. Assuming that there is no sign of her on the dance floor on that day, almost the whole seat is unhappy." It is true that Chinese and foreign male guests are fascinated by it, and even Chinese and foreign female guests seem to be dazzled by her and want to be happy with a word. And her actions are appropriate, her speech is gentle, her demeanor is unparalleled. "

at the age of 19, Lu Xiaoman got married, and her parents chose Wang Jing as her husband.

Wang Gung is 8 years older than Lu Xiaoman. He is from Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. The two families are not far away. Wang Kui is also a son of a family, but in the middle of his family, he is a man who has experienced hardship. "he gives up all hobbies and is determined to study hard." He was admitted to Tsinghua University, the former Tsinghua School, then went to study in the United States, received a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University, and transferred to West Point. He was an alumnus and younger brother of Dwight Eisenhower, the 34th president of the United States.

Wang Meng returned home at a time when the world was in turmoil. Wang Meng, who was highly educated and took office as a colonel at a young age, was looted by various forces and became the most ideal son-in-law for a respectable family.

▲ Wang Jie

from engagement to marriage, less than a month. In order to let their daughter get married, Lu Ding and his wife are extremely extravagant.

Lu Xiaoman has dozens of dowry boxes alone, filled with expensive clothes and jewelry, each with 100 yuan of silver to cover the bottom of the box. The daily necessities of the small family were specially purchased in Jingdezhen. Lu Xiaoman's mother drew the design drawings and customized them one by one.

there are nine bridesmaids, all of whom are the daughters of senior officials at the level of under-Secretary of Foreign Affairs, and their dresses are specially made. On the wedding day, there were hundreds of Chinese and foreign guests.

in this grand marriage, Lu Xiaoman has everything except self-awareness. Everything was arranged by her parents, and when the novelty was over, she found that she was so different from the man around her.

Wang Gungungg is rigid in words and deeds, extensive in character, and a workaholic. He doesn't understand and disdain to please girls. Lu Xiaoman fell into serious marital loneliness. She was very unhappy, but because of her pride, she refused to let anyone know her loss.

in the third year of marriage, Wang Meng was appointed chief of the Harbin Police Department and went to the post alone, which made the relationship between the two more indifferent.

just around this time, the divorced poet Xu Zhimo came into her life.

there is a saying that two people dance to know each other, a genius and a socialite, Jin Feng Yu Lu will win as soon as they meet, but there are countless worlds. Another theory is that Xu Zhimo met Lu Xiaoman through his hometown Mr. Jiang Baili, and then got to know Wang Kui and became good friends.

when Lu Xiaoman wants to go out to play, Wang always says, "I don't have time. Ask Zhimo to accompany you to go out to play." The gear of fate began to turn, and there was one of the most famous entanglements in the world.

Xu Zhimo had a relationship with Lu Xiaoman, and Lu's parents strongly opposed it.Yes. But the parents who doted on their daughters surrendered in the end. In the end, it was Liu Haisu who came forward to mediate the case-he himself escaped from feudal marriage and was famous for his rebellion in the circle and was Lu Xiaoman's teacher.

Lu Xiaoman did not hesitate to have an abortion in order to get a divorce and fell ill, and has been in poor health ever since. In the end, she divorced Wang Meng and couldn't wait to rush to Xu Zhimo.

this wedding is unique. Liang Qichao, the witness, scolded the two newlyweds in public and directly scolded Lu Xiaoman and cried. Xu Zhimo was also flushed and ashamed.

Lu Xiaoman, who remarried, is still very rich.

it was 1926. Nearly a hundred years ago, Lu Xiaoman went in and out in a private car. The family driver, cook, manservant, and servant girl were readily available. She could buy whatever she wanted, including theatres, casinos, boating, and going to restaurants for a big meal. What is the concept of spending five or six hundred yuan a month? At that time, Lu Xun bought a 400-square-meter quadrangle in Beijing for 800 silver dollars.

an interlude. Xu Zhimo's parents once went to Beijing to talk to their former daughter-in-law. Zhang Youyi was surprised. As soon as she opened her mouth to ask why, the former parents-in-law opened the mode of complaining.

"she only ate half a bowl of rice and said pitifully," Zhimo, help me finish this bowl of rice. " The meal is cold. Zhimo may get sick if he eats it! "

"after dinner, Lu Xiaoman turned around and said pitifully, 'Zhimo, take me upstairs.' Have you ever heard of such a thing? This is a grown woman whose feet are not even tangled! "

I couldn't laugh or cry when I heard Zhang Youyi. You see, is this like the dissatisfaction of both parents after the marriage of thousands of spoiled men and women? They all feel that their babies have suffered, and other people's children are too delicate.

▲ Xu Zhimo, Lu Xiaoman, take nephews Lu Zongqi and Lu Zongyi to the park

but such superiority was lost by Lu Xiaoman at the age of 30.

his father, Lu Ding, went bankrupt and then died in his later years.

only a year later, Xu Zhimo also unfortunately suffered a plane crash and died young. Shortly before the incident, the two had a fierce quarrel, and many friends did not know the truth, accusing Lu Xiaoman of being too extravagant and inconsiderate, causing Xu Zhimo to be on the run. Lu Xiaoman was so desperate that he didn't bother to make any excuses.

the two backers in the first half of her life collapsed, lacked the ability to make a living, was weak, haggard, depressed, lost her teeth, and contracted the problem of opium smoking. What should she do?

later Lu Xiaoman and Weng Ruiwu lived together until Weng died.

▲ Lu Xiaoman and Weng Ruiwu

she wrote in Xiaoman Diary: "it is a pity that I grew up arrogant and enjoyed everything that other women could not easily enjoy, and turned out to be a person who is inferior to others."


Lu Xiaoman really began to support himself after liberation.

Chen Yi, the then mayor of Shanghai, came across one of her paintings and recognized the wife, who had been silent for many years, from his signature-he had attended Xu Zhimo's lessons in his early years.

Chen Yi invited Lu Xiaoman to join the Shanghai Museum of Literature and History and got a fixed salary. She was also invited to join the Shanghai painting Academy and become a professional painter.

▲ "Huangshan Qingliang Terrace", collected by Shanghai traditional Chinese painting Academy. Her landscapes are elegant and elegant, with boundless dust

▲ Lu Xiaoman calligraphy, part of "Orchid Pavilion Preface"

from then on, she made a living by painting, gave up opium and started a new and independent life. The process of struggling from depression is needless to say.

make up for the hardships you didn't experience in your youth, but in your middle and old age. Fortunately, she finally found the meaning of life, although not happy, the mood always relaxed a lot.

▲ Lu Xiaoman's "pictures of Tongyin ladies", her series of ladies, gentle and moving, unique, and even surprising, can not associate such talented women with the public impression of the young lady who spends a lot of money

before his deathbed in 1965, Lu Xiaoman's only wish was to be buried with Xu Zhimo, but he was refused by the Xu family. In the end, Lu's nephew and niece settled down for her, and the tombstone read "Memorial Tomb of my late aunt Lu Xiaoman". A generation of beauties were buried in a remote corner of Dongshan, Suzhou.

▲ Lu Xiaoman in his later years

if you know more about Lu Xiaoman, you will feel sorry for her. She has outstanding talent, naive character, delicate Han, straightforward, only for the first half of life excessive wanton, paid a huge price, life high open low.

recently, the word "only child in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai" has become popular in society. Almost all girls yearn for it, and their parents arrange everything to avoid all the tiring and dangerous life.

but life is very long, and the variables are too big. If you are lucky enough to win the lottery ticket of birth, you must cherish it firmly, because willfulness will overdraw good luck.

but ordinary girls must not despair, because the vast majority of people in the world do not have this luck, and it is only through thousands of hardships and trials that they become a small and unique self.

Please keep your spirit and concentration. Come on!


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