My mother's summer vacation 30 years ago and my daughter's summer vacation 30 years later cried.
My mother's summer vacation 30 years ago and my daughter's summer vacation 30 years later cried.

as the summer vacation draws to a close, my daughter shuttles between several interest classes every day.

before I said I was tired, my daughter began to complain: "Why is it a holiday? it's even more tiring than school."

"unhappy, unhappy."

I was confused for a moment. What should childhood look like? Why are children unhappy nowadays?

looking at how difficult it is for children nowadays, I can't help thinking of our pleasant childhood.


pull the memory back to 30 years ago, an era full of warmth and joy.

at the entrance of the alley, with a long cry of "selling popsicles", Grandpa, pushing a cart with a foam box, came over. The children took the 20 cents from their mother's hand and ran merrily to the familiar figure in small groups.

you can choose sugar popsicles, mung bean popsicles and dolls. Each partner is holding a popsicle in his own hand, watching and sucking like a baby. He doesn't want to eat too fast, but he is afraid to eat too slowly and the popsicle melts in the palm of his hand. Although there is a little entanglement, it is actually very happy.

at that time, the watermelon became cold, without a refrigerator, just a bucket of water, put the watermelon in the water, and when the family came back, the child volunteered to bring it to the table. With a knife, the red seed was black, and the entrance was even more delicious.

at noon, the uncle of the neighboring village shouted "sell Youtiao". In the evening, the man who sold pancakes pushed his bike and shouted, "who buys pancakes and sells pancakes?" When the child pestered his mother to eat, the mother went home to fill some wheat, poured it into each other's weighing plate, and exchanged the food by weight.

now, it has become not only the taste, but also the state of mind. There is not only food, but also stress.

at that time, although the summer vacation was hot, I didn't feel irritable, and every day was fun and strange.


at that time, our homework was not busy, life was easy, and happiness was a very simple thing.

countless pleasures are always within reach and can be seen by looking up.

at that time, after the rain, listening to the cry of frogs in the cornfield, I came across a low-flying dragonfly in the yard and could not help but pick up a broom and chase it. That kind of happiness is hard to buy.

after eating dinner early, prepare a flashlight, three or five companions go to find the cicada monkey, look down for the hole, gently buckle it, just the size of the finger, smile knowingly, and confirm that, yes, the cicada monkey is about to go out.

at that time, going to the stream to play in the water, touch the fish and take a bath were all our happy times.

at that time, we were not tired at all when we waited for the hen to lay eggs.

at that time, we played skipping rope and throwing sandbags for most of the day, and we still didn't want to go home at dinnertime.

at that time, there was no umbrella on a rainy day. The mouse handed over by my mother bit a hole in the fertilizer bag and put it over his head, looking for a friend.

at that time, my friends were always jumping half the street arm in arm, wondering how they could have so many good friends.

after dinner, the family sat on the ground to enjoy the cool. Grandma's fan fanned back and forth. My parents talked about the prices of crops and watermelons in the field. Under the moon and under the grape trellis, I was concerned about when the grapes would ripen. A dull day is a good time unparalleled in the world.

at that time, we were with soil, with insects and birds, happy, seldom sick, close to health and far away from troubles.

at that time, the summer homework, only a "Summer Life", the rest of the time, the main theme is leisurely and happy, jumping from morning to night, never tired.


at that time, during the summer vacation, the concentration of happiness was very high, and happiness could be seen. Now, we are walking at a faster pace and full of anxiety.

now adults are tired of running and tired of smiling. The sentence "do not let the child lose at the starting line", determined to carry out the inner roll to the end.

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study-give me to concentrate on my study, can't go out, can't keep a pet, can't be interested, can't play football;

Inner volume-- We can't lose, interest class, piano class, eloquence class, art class, all learn it all.

drag several jin of schoolbags every day, and all kinds of interest classes go round and round. Endless homework, endless questions, as if so hard to reach the pinnacle of life.

watching the child's lenses get thicker and thicker and talk less and less. The body is tired, the heart is depressed, weSigh helplessly: this is your life.

their basic way to relieve stress is:

Mobile phones, games.

if you indulge in games and your parents forcibly stop it, you will inevitably have a war.