He was chosen by Li Shaohong and Zhang Yimou at the age of 19, experienced two emotional injuries, met true love in middle age, and now has a good harvest in love and career at the age of 54.
He was chosen by Li Shaohong and Zhang Yimou at the age of 19, experienced two emotional injuries, met true love in middle age, and now has a good harvest in love and career at the age of 54.

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during this period of time, Kong Lin in the screen is so busy that she simply exists like a bully screen!

in my World fireworks, she plays Wang Yanlin's mother, who is very supportive of her son's fire fighting career.

in Changfeng Ferry, she plays a powerful empress dowager, forcing Gu Jiusi, played by Bai Jingting, to divorce his wife and marry someone else.

in the days of chasing Light, she plays Wang Yuan's mother, who has a strong desire for control and asks her son to "inherit the mantle" and choose medicine.

even fans have said: one play after another, they are going to miss it!

speaking of Kong Lin, it can be said that she is a good old actor. She made an early start, and when she was in college, she successively worked with director Li Shaohong and Zhang Yimou, and became famous with the servant girl Yaner of "raising the Red Lantern."

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the career is going well, but the emotional experience is extremely bumpy. At the age of 20, he encountered the change of his first boyfriend, and at the age of 30, he was broken up by the partner who was about to talk about marriage.


the "class girl" who is full of stars and the moon, her first love is broken up

Kong Lin's elder brother, Pang Hao, once recalled her like this: "Kong Lin was very beautiful when she entered the school, and she still smelled like Hangzhou."

that's what he said. When she was a student at the Beijing Film Academy, Kong Lin, who was born into a music family, had a good face and long hair. She carried a guitar and sang only a few songs, which brightened the eyes of all the boys.

there are 19 students in the class and 7 girls. Through this song, Kong Lin undoubtedly established her status as a "class girl" and won the pursuit and care of a large number of boys.

classmate Wang Quanan is no exception. Before entering school, he worked in the song and dance troupe and then traveled to Europe with rich experience and extraordinary experience.

he fell in love with Kong Lin at first sight. In order to catch her, he sent flowers and breakfast, which was so romantic that other girls envied him.

Kong Lin, who had just graduated from high school, had never seen such a battle and quickly agreed to Wang Quanan's pursuit.

two people attend classes together, eat together, and are inseparable. But it wasn't long before he broke up after the next freshman enrolled.

sad Kong Lin remembered her romantic past and could not accept this fact for a moment.

opportunities are always left to those who are prepared.

in her junior year, well-known director Li Shaohong recruited actors for the film Bloody Morning and fell in love with Kong Lin, who was adept at acting and generous.

Kong Lin also lived up to the director's expectations. In order to play the rural girl "Red Apricot", she not only experienced the country life in advance, but also jumped into the piercing river in the winter, so cold that she lost consciousness.

the little girl's dedicated attitude not only won the recognition of director Li Shaohong, but also successfully attracted the attention of director Zhang Yimou.

therefore, just after filming Blood Morning, Kong Lin hurried to Zhang Yimou's crew of raising the Red Lantern to play the role of the servant girl Yaner of the fourth aunt Gong Li.

after the film was broadcast, it directly won the Silver Lion Award at the 48th Venice Film Festival. Kong Lin also became famous when she was young and was praised as "her acting skill is not inferior to that of Gong Li."

No one's growth is plain sailing. Although Kong Lin is a star-studded "class girl", her first love encounters emotional changes. fortunately, she regains her confidence in herself, gets out in time, and turns to improve herself.

in this way, you can achieve a better self.


Love arises from drama, but can not escape the itch of "Seven years"

after graduating from university, Kong Lin was admitted to the coal mine art troupe. Here, she met her mentor, qu Xianhe, head of the coal mine art troupe.

because Kong Lin had accumulated a certain fame before, as soon as he saw her, he was very excited: "I have seen your play, and your little servant girl is so good."

under the deliberate promotion and careful cultivation of Colonel Li, Kong Lin's acting skills improved rapidly and often played the heroine in various major films.

in 1994, she played Ye Tong, the heroine in Guan Hu's film "hair in a mess," with Geng Le, a junior at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Geng Le originally studied painting, but because he was also interested in rock music, he had long flowing hair and often stayed in the bar with a guitar on his back. This is exactly in line with the image of a supporting role in the film, and the director Guan Hu dragged him into acting without saying a word.

but it is undeniable that Geng Le, who is not a professional, has no acting experience. Whenever the camera is aimed at him, he is either so nervous that he forgets his words.The performance is so stiff that it often fails to achieve the desired effect in the director's mind.

at this time, the warm-hearted Kong Lin volunteered to guide him. She was experienced in acting, gentle and patient, and Geng Le was extremely savvy. It wasn't long before he entered the state of filming, and the two soon became a tacit understanding.

as the saying goes, love grows with each passing day. In the dribs and drabs of their daily work, the two soon rubbed out a spark of love, and even a casual look and action were ambiguous.

it was Geng Le who took the initiative to pierce this layer of window paper. After a shoot, he made a bold confession to Kong Lin. Kong Lin, who was already interested in Geng Le, agreed without hesitation.

the two began a sweet relationship, filming together, eating together, and striving for a common acting career together.